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About our event

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La Locura is een Latin/Urban event. We proberen een mix te creëren
tussen de latin en urban vibes. Alsook proberen we iedereen kennis
te laten maken met de verschillende muziek stijlen.

Upcoming Event

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La Locura flyer Twerquila

Our deejays

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Benieuwd wie er bij ons draait? Check het lijstje hieronder.

Dj Drigao
D Shann

Dj Drigao

Drigão started his career as a deejay in 2008 like many “just for fun”. He started in a little Brazilian place called Biribabar in his home town Antwerp city. He started mixing with 2 regular CD-players and a little cheap mixing table. The mixing wasn’t that big of a thing, but the music selection was something that made him unique. As months went by he started to get more intrested in perfecting himself into a real deejay. He started to pay attention to other fellow deejays and learning more about what real dj-ing was all about. Time was passing by and he started to get invited to small parties and places to show off his work.

Dj Shann


Dj Juju

Dj KayC